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March 2010 - ECCE Timeline - 2010

ECCE Timeline (all of our information on the ECCE Scheme comes directly from the OMCYA. If we are notified of any change to the ECCE timeline below we will update this web page immediately)


By the end of March, the OMCYA will issue Information Packs to all notified pre-school services inviting them to apply for the ECCE scheme in September 2010.  CCSS services will also be invited to apply for the CCS/ECCE schemes as part of this process.  

The closing date for return of applications to the CCCs will be 30 April.

If a service wishes to participate in the CCS from September 2010, it must already be in the CCSS.  To enter the CCS, a CCSS pre-school service must also apply to enter the ECCE.  (This does not apply in the case of an after-school, etc service.)   The application process which applied to the CCSS will also apply to applicants for the CCS who are not already in the CCSS, therefore, pending acceptance into the CCS, these services should be treated as ECCE only applicants.

Services which are already in the ECCE scheme will be required to confirm that the qualifications of relevant staff are unchanged. Where this is not confirmed, they must provide copies of the new staff qualifications held.  They must also confirm that their bank details are unchanged or provide details of the changes.  A current tax clearance certificate must be provided. The HSE will be asked to confirm where the status of any service has changed for the purpose of allowing entry to the scheme(s).  

New ECCE applicants must provide evidence of staff qualifications, bank details and a current tax clearance certificate, as these will not be on record.  CCCs should also request the HSE to confirm the service's level of compliance with the Child Care Regulations for the purposes of the scheme.  Pobal will continue to manage any additional documentary or reporting requirements in relation to the CCS.


The OMCYA will issue contracts to services for signature and return.  
Services will receive an ECCE only contract or a CCS/ECCE contract as appropriate.  

An Information Leaflet for parents of children qualifying in September 2010 will be issued by the OMCYA.  A list of services in contract for ECCE/CCS will be provided by OMCYA to CCCs.

Information Packs re September 2010 ECCE/CCS electronic returns will be issued by OMCYA to all participating services.


Reference week for return is expected to be 6th/10th September.


Parent Declaration Forms, for the scheme in January 2011 need to be completed and returned to the Office by the relevant pre-school service, no later than 12th November 2011.


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